Making Love Sparkle

by | Jul 8, 2019

bridal entourage with sparklers
Most wedding photographers love natural light – especially that magic time just before the sun sets, when it turns everything a little bit golden. Natural light is also great for marketing yourself as a natural light wedding photographer (it sounds so much better than saying you like to bathe your brides in electromagnetic radiation produced by nuclear fusion! Science can make some things sound so harsh).

But the secret is, all of us photographers use natural light, and most of us use some non-natural, additional light as well. In a point-and-shoot camera, this light does a brilliant job of making even the beautiful look ugly. However, properly controlled, additional light just brings out the wow. I mean, who doesn’t really love sparklers.

rim lit couple

So the secret is, mix a little romance with a bit of sparkle, and there’s almost no limit as to what photos you can create.

Wedding Photoshoot among fireworks

These shots are usually done at the end of your wedding day – a kind of photography night-cap. Because as we know, some fireworks is the perfect way to end your perfect day.