Wedding Photography’s Real Boss

by | Jul 18, 2018

Wellington has the odd breeze gatecrash a wedding. Some fight it with indoor shoots or masses of hairspray. Natalia and Adam embraced it – and just as the wind made the trees, flax and grass dance, our lovely couple joined in.

bride and groom enjoying a dance

With wedding photography, the weather is the boss (followed very closely by the bride), and the best thing to do is make the most of the unique photo opportunities (and enjoy the no-sweat moments that wind and rain provide).

bride in red dress on a windy day

Now, the more observant among you might be seeing red by now. It’s pretty common amongst Indian and Chinese brides, but not so much here in New Zealand. But then again, Natalia and Adam don’t really do common, so why should their wedding be any different.

bridal couple taking a walk
bridal couple and bridesmaids
bride and groom holding each other
bride and groom amidst trees

Mind you, the biggest surprise for me wasn’t the red – and it certainly wasn’t the wind. It was what a beautiful place the SPCA is. Grand and historic, it’s nestled happily in Wellington’s town belt, making it perfect to pop across the road and get some of that wild Wellington in the wedding photos.

bride and groom share a kiss
Bride and groom photoshoot in Wellington