How experienced are you?

I have worked professionally, running a photography and videography studio since 2008. I started in Mexico, photographing and videoing up-market weddings. In 2010 I moved back to New Zealand and started shooting weddings again in Hawke’s Bay. Now I am based in Wellington, but shooting all over the country. I have shot over 100 weddings.

What quality should I expect?

Quality is my priority and I treat each and every wedding with equal importance. I work hard at each wedding to get the right shots. So my promise is that you will get amazing shots and I will edit each photo to make your skin perfect and the light just right. This effort is why I have such great testimonials.

What’s your style?

I am a storyteller – so I try to capture you. The real you, with your emotions and your personality. Weddings require a range of shots – candid, portrait, artistic, photojournalism, product, landscape and architecture to name a few! So in a similar way, the styles will change depending on what’s around. But in general, I love using natural light and creating impactful photos. In the editing, I’ll give you a lot of black and whites, along with the original colours.

How reliable are you?

I always take three cameras and multiple lenses and batteries to a wedding. Cameras can die (It has happened to me twice), and if you’re prepared, it’s just a matter of grabbing the spare. All your photos are backed up to the cloud and stored in multiple places. Recently, a clients house burned down and I was able to give her a replacement copy, three years after shooting the wedding. I am also a registered, tax-paying business, so your rights are protected under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Can I copy my photos and video?

Absolutely. I love it when you want to share your beautiful images.

Will you upload my photos or video to Facebook?

I’d only post with your permission. A lot of my clients have friends and family overseas and request a Facebook posting, but I’d always check if it’s what you want, as I understand that many people like to keep their images private.

Can I upgrade my package?

With pleasure. Any time you wish to upgrade, I’d love to help. Sometimes, you might find some extra money for a beautiful photobook. This option is great if you’re a little unsure what your budget might be, but don’t want to miss out on great quality.

When do you arrive?

I always factor in travel time to allow one hour with the groom getting ready and 1 1/2 hours with the bride getting ready. This gives me time to shoot important details, such as rings, jewellery and kiddies.

Can you work with another photographer or videographer?

Absolutely. I really enjoy meeting other professionals. Having experience with both photography and videography means I’m in a great position to know the special requirements of each art.

How long do you stay?

As long as needed. I don’t charge by the hour, so you don’t have to worry if (when) things are running behind schedule. Relax in the knowledge that I’ll be there, shooting what needs to be shot.