I am a storyteller. Through images (a glance, a tear in the eye, a stolen kiss), I tell your story. The story of your wedding.

“My dreams of a wedding photo shoot have come true.” Shigeno & Yasu

The colour and vibrance of India drew me into photography and I turned pro in Mexico, filming and photographing the glamour and glitz of high-society. Since then I have been shooting for almost a decade with well over 100 weddings to my name.

Living in Papua New Guinea as a child, I developed a love for travel, exploration and culture – a love I bring into my photography and videography. By being part of your wedding, for a whole day I’m part of your culture, your family and your magic. It’s an unreal privilege and I really appreciate it.

“The photos and video look so lovely!… we have been very blessed.” Catherine & Noel

When I’m not behind a lens, I love to explore- up a mountain, on ice, underwater or on a bike (never with lycra – I promise). I like my food and drink with punch – strong spices, black coffee, dark chocolate and Guinness outside St Paddy’s Day. At home I like building and reading.

With me, I promise that your photography, and videography will be in safe, professional hands. Your job will just be to enjoy the day while I turn it into art. Your art.

If a picture says a thousand words, together we’ll craft your wedding novel. This is my promise to you.

Brent Kane, MMS, MPAF


ps, I travel lots – and it’s on me (well, just the cost of a flight if it’s to the South Island). So, without transport charges, I’m very happy to travel. Hawke’s Bay, Whanganui, Wairarapa, Taupo, Hamilton, Christchurch, Nelson etc, etc….

pps, I love culture so much that if your wedding includes cultural elements that I haven’t shot before, I’ll throw in another mini photobook, as a thank you for sharing another unique culture. See below for a list cultures that I have already shot. (Alphabetical order)

Australian, British, Chilean, Cook Island, German, Indian, Japanese, Māori, Mexican, Romania, Samoan, South African, Sri Lankan, Swiss German, Tahitian, and Tongan.

“Thanks again Brent for capturing the essence of our wedding in your photos – happiness and laughter.” Monique & Warwick